About the Game~B Library

The aim of this library is to provide a comprehensive set of publicly available material about Game~B.

Everything is a perspective

We are fully aware that there cannot be a "right" or "official" selection of material. That's why our curators are explicit. All collections are the expression of a specific perspective, owned by 1 person. Hopefully, by combining various perspectives, we can achieve parallax on what is relevant Game~B material.

In a library do as librarians do

On this site there is no original content. All content is derivative. This can mean a number things:

  • Imported automatically or hand-picked
  • Transcribed automatically or partially or fully by hand
  • Collected, categorized, tagged, quote-mined, annotated...

The glossary, for example, is built exclusively out of quotes linking to the context of the quotes.


We automatically collect material from various sources (youtube, medium, vimeo, individual websites...) based on this "seed", which gets extended based on what curators find relevant:


    This library is the result of a collective effort.

    Thanks to Gwendolyn Huot for curating the original Sensemaking Web Doc, the Sensemaking Slang Doc and the Hall/Schmachtenberger/Landry youtube playlists.

    Thanks to Phil Chen and Anya Pechkina for collecting a large number of transcripts, and to JoNell Homer for helping coordinate these efforts.

    Thanks to Jim Rutt for curating the "Foundational Articles" collection.

    Thanks to The Seeking channel for maintaining playlists about Hall, Schmachtenberger and Thorson.

    And of course thanks to the thought leaders whose craft this library is aimed at studying.


    If you want to participate in improving this site there's a lot you can do!

    Join Game~B Library facebook page or reach out to me on twitter @nickredmark.